24 June, 2009

Wednesday and the sun is shining!

Last week at this time I had a day of uncontrollable crying. I was a total mess. Wound up seeing Christine who is a shaman as far as I can tell. I've have some ups and downs since last week, but am starting to feel much more even keeled. That's not to say it won't come back. I'm trying to keep a calmness about myself and not overreact as much, because I have done that more in the last months than I'd like to admit.

She has me drinking hot lemon water first thing in the morning. I keep adding water to my cup and lemon throughout the day. It is like having some sunshine in a cup. I'm also taking mega minerals, hoping to see my halfmoons return soon. I am looking forward to Friday when I visit her again. Working together on healing mind, body and spirit.

This morning as I was driving to the office on a one-way street with 5 lanes and a pickup truck crosses from the far right into my lane, cutting in front of me, and decides to turn left! I yelled at that truck as loud as I could with my head out the window, "Good Morning' !" His windows were down, so I'm pretty sure he heard me. Decided it was better than honking and I was smilin' and calm afterwards, not all ticked off ready for a fight. Hope his day goes well.

Each day brings new lessons in life

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