21 October, 2008

Time to get back on track

Last week was very off schedule for me. I rode my bike through Tuesday, but not again until Saturday. Initially, I was feeling guilty about it. I missed Sunday, too, since I was driving home.

I drove to St. Louis and visited a friend that recently retired. She has been a true mentor. She was my boss for a short while, maybe a little over a year. Best boss I've had since I was 20. It was a good visit. However, it was also educational. She and I talked quite a lot about work and some individuals that are still at my place of employment. She has good insights. I'm greatful that she shared them with me.

I mentioned that I would like to ride my bike and asked if her son-in-law (who swims, bikes and runs) could put together a cue sheet or at least some directions for a 35 mile ride. Very nice surprise that he joined me. It was cold, windy and flat. I still didn't feel on top of my game, though I kept trying to push myself. We only averaged about 15 mph and I apologised to him for holding him back. He talked almost the entire time. Very nice guy that is really into cycling, running, fitness and his 3 children that are adorable.

I am hoping to get back into a rhythm this week. I rode the Monday night tune-up last night and felt better than I have since riding the century. I honestly think taking time off of the saddle has done me some good. Now, I need to think about some kind of cross-training during the winter months. With the days getting shorter it will be almost impossible to ride during the week in just another week or so. So I will be relegated to the trainer and weekend rides.

My Mom seems to be doing okay with the not driving. I know she's depressed about it. We are all trying to do what we can. She has a friend that is taking her to a function during the day on Thursdays and another that is taking her to church on Wednesdays. Last night she said that she's noticed her sight has already improved since the last treatment. We have a couple of months before she goes back to the eye doctor. I am cautiously optimistic.

Since taking the thyroid hormone and the progesterone, I don't feel quite so crazy as before. However, I'm starting to have more and more difficulty staying asleep all night. Maybe it's only becase I've been off the bike, who knows. But without enough sleep I will start to lose my mind again. That isn't a pretty sight.

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