23 October, 2008

Chivalry still lives

I can't say it exists everywhere. I witness it on occasion, but not often.

Last night I went on the Wednesday night club ride. It is similar to the TNWs. I've clocked it at 27 miles. Now this ride hasn't moved it's start as early as many of the other evening rides, though it's longer. It's been listed as lights required. I got to the ride start, had my light and was ready. It was fairly cool, 59F and very breezy at the 6:00 start, but the sun was still shining and felt warm on your face.

I was the only female to show! No big deal. There were probably 25 or so that showed up. This ride is great fun and challenging for me. My biggest drawback for now is I need some warmer gear to wear. Booties or toe warmers are on top of the list. Next would be a few long-sleeved thin, wicking t-shirts to wear as a base layer, next a wind breaker that is rain resistent. From here I could go a little nuts with my wish list. :-)

We started out and I stayed with the lead group until that darned little inclined on Blankenbaker. I lost ground, but could see them ahead. I made up some ground on the downhill - was going about 31MPH which was great fun but felt like I was in a beer cooler with a fan on. Unfortunately, they caught the light at River Rd and I didn't. Murph reached me and we started out River Rd together. There were others behind, but I never saw them. As Murphy pulled, we chatted about the house he and his wife are trying to purchase. We ride down to the baseball stadium and start back down River Rd. As we turn onto Mockingbird I tell him that I'm going to bail at Brownsboro and head back. It's dusk and darkening quickly and the temps are dropping. When we get to the top he says that he's going back with me. I protest, because this will cut his ride short. He would have nothing to do but go with me. It was dark and he said he couldn't live with himself if something would happen. How would he feel if I had a flat an my spare tube wouldn't inflate? Let alone something worse. There wasn't anything I could do or say except, "thanks, Murph".

Once we got back to the start, he took off to see if he could find any of the others and get some more miles in. It was pitch dark. I really was glad that he rode back with me. But I am a grown up with a cell phone and can handle myself.

I had 18.5 miles in 1:16 minutes. Not exactly Speedy Gonzales, but my legs were happy.

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maggie's mind said...

Ah, yes, chivalry is a good thing, and I'm glad he made the effort to make sure you were safe, even if you could handle it. :)