10 March, 2015

Cycle of life

My Aunt Charlene was celebrated today. It truly was a celebration and not all of the bible thumping that usually happens. So many people shared memories and stories. She always said I should've been her daughter as I favored her complexion etc. I could only hope to live up to her funny and optimistic outlook on life. As my remaining days grow shorter and as I contemplate this life I've lived I am mostly happy with how it's gone so far. Can't say it's been perfect, but that would be boring. Definitely have made many mistakes along the way, but that's why I'm here. We are here to learn and grow, correct? 
When I die I can only hope that family and friends stand up and share such nice and wonderful memories as everyone did today.
A photo of Charlene: 

Mom is a little bit older than Aunt Charlene. I know her days are numbered. It is sad to see a generation leave. abut this is life and a new generation is being born and ready to fill our shoes. 

So much left to think and ponder on. Excited for my first grandchild to arrive. It won't be long now. A photo of my Heather from Sunday evening. Violet is almost ready to make an appearance. 

Much love to my cousins. Peace and love to all of you. 


Jennifer Noe said...

Awwww. So so sweet... I love you. Can't wait to see them pics of the Grand baby :)

Jane Harper said...

Love it Sherri!!