04 October, 2012

Up and downs

Haven't felt like posting. 

Crashed hard at Lock 4 on 8/19. Major face plant/endo with the bike going over my back while still clipped in. It happens when you hit a big tree stump. It's a fun course and has some challenges. Not a lot of climbing, but lots of twisty and technical sections. I sprained my right wrist big time. It took 3 weeks to heal enough to feel like riding again. Then I catch this virus crud that got into my chest. That took 2 weeks to get over.

So my plan to start being serious about CX training end of August went kaput. I still haven't started. Not sure if I will at this point. 

I went to Raccoon Mtn last weekend and "raced". Did fairly well in the 4 mile TT, got second and $10. Woo hoo! The XC race was 2 laps of "approximately 12 miles". That turned out to be 13.5 on the first and only lap I did.  Talk about brutal. Rock gardens like I'd never seen before. Each lap had 1350 ft of climbing, which should be fine when one is fit. But I'd only ridden about 5 times since Lock 4 and 2 on trails. I was not fit. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure. I always like seeing and experiencing new places. A team mate showed up and raced. We went to The Terminal Brewing Company after the TT for dinner and had a couple of beers. Good times.

So, there's Race to the Canal coming up at LBL in two weeks. It's the state championship. I'd love to qualify for Natz next summer. Natz is in Pennsylvania and so much closer than Bend or Sun Prairie. Cheaper too I hope.

I've been unemployed for 10+ months now. Apply for jobs daily. Plenty of rejection letters.  Much more with no response what so ever. I'd like to say it's better to receive the rejection than be left hanging. It's just common courtesy. Well, I've been on numerous interview, both phone and in person. I received an offer today for a part-time contractor position. I've accepted. It's not what I want, but better than unemployment. Max benefits on Unemployment is $400 a week, after taxes it's $356. I'm not going to complain, lucky it's there. But it doesn't cover the bills, Barely pays for the mortgage and utilities. That leaves the phone, gas, food, car and health insurance. I'm lucky I've set money aside for rainy day.

A friend contacted me today as well. It seems there are openings at their company and they suggested I apply. Full-time with good benefits is what I'd like to have. Then I wouldn't have to pay quarterly taxes and both parts of Social Security. I would like to have paid time off again and this company has them.

Life is full of ups and downs. I've tried to stay positive. But I've had my dark periods in the last year. Change is inevitable. I had all of these plans for CX this year. Do better at Master's Natz and worlds. Just not sure I'll make it to either one as a participant. It's just not as big of a deal as it was this time last year.

I live right now. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasn't arrived. But I have to say I am a lucky, fortunate rich woman to have so many good friends around me. Yep damned lucky.


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