30 October, 2012

and life keeps rolling

After race weekend at Land between the Lakes, there was no way I could sit on a saddle Monday night. I hated missing that ride last week. Love getting out there with the ladies. Tuesday wasn't any better for me. Then a friend called a beer ride to NABC for Wednesday, FINALLY! Had been waiting for Evah. 

A girlfriend met me at my house and we rode to Kye's across the Ohio river. Met up with several friends and rode to NABC. We rode Mtb's with lights since it was dark. We had a great time. There is some single track, double track, gravel paths, 2 wooden rickety bridges and paved path before riding the last 1/4 mile on city streets. The company was great, the beers (I had 2) were tasty and the frites were delicious. We headed back and one peeled off as he had parked his car in New Albany. Somewhere not too far into the ride we were going to ride up to the top of the flood wall. I turned a little early and while I thought I was riding on grass, I rolled up onto a large pile of boulders (rocks about the size of your head). I remember trying to pedal and wondering why it was so difficult. Don't remember much until I'm back on the bike riding back towards the 2nd Street bridge. People said it was a GoPro moment. Someone said there was blood, but my clothes didn't have any on them. Once back to Jeffersonville, one of the guys offered me a ride home which I readily accepted. 

I think I landed nose first. Thank goodness I had on my Oakleys. They saved my right eye. There's a huge scratch/gouge right in the center of the lens. I lost the right nose piece too. Nothing was broken and bike seemed to be fine. But I scraped my nose and wound up with 2 black eyes. I missed work on Thursday, mostly due to vanity. I looked pretty pathetic by Friday, but felt ok.

Sunday saw Stormin' Eva, our local CX race. I had planned to race just for fun, but after Wednesday's crash and not remembering it decided I would sit out this year. I truly wanted to race. I think I'm out for the season. So sad. I have missed my CX family something terrible. Friends I only see at these races were coming to town, so of course I had to go and cheer them on! It was a great time. But of course I never got to spend much time with anyone, but got to talk a little bit to most. There are a few I didn't and am very sad about that. Being this close to Halloween most people come in costume and lots of them race in costume. Since I had a ghoulish face I wore a black blouse with flowing sleeves and a long skirt. From afar people thought I had a great makeup job. I felt terrible because they realized when they got close it was real and then weren't sure what to say. 

I am so glad I got to cheer all my lady racer friends on in their races. The fields have grown so much in three years. Makes me proud to have been a part of it. I have no CX fitness and right now need to wait at least til weekend before I even get back on bike again. I want to be out there. But there's always next year, right? If everything aligns properly.

I had an interview yesterday for a full-time position. The hiring manager seemed ok with the fact that I had two black eyes. We chatted about my crash but he wanted to talk about CX. That was cool. Not sure what the outcome will be. It will be what it will. I'm liking what I'm doing right now and the people are very nice. 

Live now, yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasn't arrived.



cycledork said...

I hope the hiring manager's interest in CX is a good sign. I'm rooting for you.

Sherri said...

thanks Adam!