02 January, 2012

Brief entry

Raced on Saturday, felt like I was going backwards. Worst feeling in a race ever with good lungs and legs. Just had no power and a 10 year old passed me. ha ha this is life. 2.5 hour drive to race 30 minutes and suck big wind then drive 2.5 hours home. Boy, do I know how to party on New Year's Eve!  

I posted a word of the day that night: solitude. It is actually a good word, much different from lonely. Google it, you'll see.

I should be in bed. Finally have bags packed and some of the van loaded. More to do in am before pulling out for WI. After Sat. race I thought I might just stop; not do Natz or Worlds. We'll see. It's here. I understand the Natz course is frozen. If it stays that way, maybe I can slip and slide with the best of them. Otherwise, it might warm up and be a mudfest. 

Happy 12 to everyone. I have lots of stuff to get busy on soon. AT least I hope I do.


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