13 January, 2012

2012 Cyclocross Master's World Championships have arrived

in Louisville, KY as has Father Winter in full force. The week started with quite a lot of rain and by Wednesday the course was a soggy, muddy, boggy playground. I took an "easy" lap to pre-ride and check out the lay of the course. It took me 25 minutes! to ride 2.2 miles. 

I signed up to volunteer Thursday and Friday. Thursday saw quite a mudfest of races. Many many pit changes for racers. The temperature dropped throughout Thursday and the winds picked up. When I arrived at the course this morning it was frozen solid, ruts and all. They were de-icing the flyover.

as well as the paved start to the hole shot. Several crashes occurred throughout the day. Needless to say I have been having some fear-filled anxiety thinking about this race. It should warm up tomorrow and I'm sure the course will be muddy by end of day. However, it will refreeze overnight and be frozen for my race that goes off at 9:30 on Sunday. 

Up until this afternoon all races have been qualifying heats that have seeded riders for starting position in their final race. This afternoon saw the first championship race of this final event of the 2011-2012 Cyclocross Season. At the end of the race each and every finisher received a participation medal. I want one! So, I will get out there and toe the line and do this last race of the season. Wish I had better fitness, wish I was stronger and faster with enough power to complete each lap in under 15 minutes. It's a 35 minute race. Today saw 12 minute lap times by the lead riders in some of the heats. We shall see how this goes.

There are quite a few of my friends from around the country racing tomorrow and Sunday. I will be out there cheering for them all day tomorrow and as soon as I can recoup on Sunday. 

I think I'll not do anything on Monday except sit with my feet up and nap all day. I'm still cold from being out there today.

Already planning the year with races. Looking where I can travel if I have the $. Need to find a job soon if I want to continue to play on my bikes all year.

Happy Friday 13th to all of you. 


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