03 May, 2010

Moved, raced, and life goes on

Moved to a new place last week. It was stressful. I reached out to a friend just to talk. Didn't happen.

My sis emailed to say she was sorry she couldn't help as she had tons of other stuff to do. I hadn't asked her to help. Weird shit. as I invited her to come see my last place multiple times, never happened, no more invites

So, I talk to men. Find one or two very interesting and attractive, so I ask them questions as I want them to know I'm interested. None ever ask me questions. sigh

Raced in the pouring rain on Sunday. It was a good day. Enjoyed it and wasn't nearly as miserable as I had imaged. I very much enjoyed the company of
my fellow team mate. good stuff even if it's just friends

time to sleep, tomorrow is another day, time to forget trying for anything more than work and bikes
maybe I expect too much
is it so hard to meet someone that will ask you about you? I think it is

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