08 April, 2010

Just when you least expect it

... and it's been quite some time, I'm thinking October or November... an full-blown asthma attack out of the blue. I was getting in my workout on the trainer. Thinking I'd save time what with other chores to do. I'm almost through the first hard effort after warm up, heart rate starts to drop but still pounding in my ears. I take the full 10 minutes + to cool down before the next hard effort. I never really cooled, but heart rate was low and blood pressure eased. Halfway through the 2nd effort, I start to feel bad and then begins the constriction followed by wheezing. I push through the effort. Find my inhaler and begin a cool down. Wound up cutting the workout short. It's been half an hour and still not right.

I guess it's good, to have these reminders. I won't live forever. I had been getting a little nervous about this weekend. Now, I plan on having fun with it, best I can. It will be hard, but that's ok. Easy is forgettable, you remember those things in life that took effort (like giving birth). It will be another adventure. I hope I have plenty more before I'm gone.

For now, I need to feel better so I can clean the apartment since the landlord is showing it while I'm gone. Then I need to pack for 2 days of races, plus street clothes.

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