06 April, 2010

Being realistic

may never be at the top of my list. But there is always something to bring you back to the realization of just how human and frail you are. It happens gradually, energy level drops, begin gaining weight, sleep becomes more and more elusive. I guess it's a good thing my doctor wouldn't fill my thyroid meds without a visit. We did blood work and she checked a bunch of stuff. She wrote me a script that day, but said to wait until the results came back to fill it. I rec'd a voice mail from her the very next day. Need to up the dosage. I picked up the new script yesterday morning and started it. It's funny, and maybe it's just psycho-whatevah, but I feel better today. Not 100% perfect, but better. I stayed up way late last night watching basketball, but I slept ALL night. That hasn't happened in a couple of months. We shall see how this goes over the next period of time. I have to go back in 6 weeks and do more blood work to see how it is.

Last week was a very good week for me as far as riding/training goes. Been going to ride with SIW on Wednesday evenings. What a great group of people! The routes are challenging, but no traffic and very few stops. So different from urban riding where there are traffic lights and bozos buzzing you. Friday evening went to JMF and did 3 hills, I need hills and they were tough but so much easier than ever before. Saturday we rode a knob or two in Southern Indiana, again the climbs are still hard for me but getting easier. I'm so disappointed that I'm still leary of the downhills. If I can see when I'm headed, I don't mind "letting it all hang" but the blind curves with fast descents on unfamiliar roads take me back to last summer's crash. I'm not riding the brakes quite like I have been, but I have a very long way to go if I want to truly let it fly and race.

I needed more time in the saddle as I was already 2 hours behind for the week after Saturday. Decided I would ride to a ride and then ride home. I rode 20 miles to Charlestown, IN and rode once more with SIW. I had a tailwind all the way, which was great. but my legs never fully loosened up. I guess the hills (and the low thyroid) got to me more than I'd like to admit. I rode the 25 mile option instead of the 40. Was very fortunate to receive an offer for a ride home. My legs were toast and though I could have (and probably should have) rode home, it was into a headwind so I wussed out. Probably the smart thing. One more realistic decision behind me.

This week is easy. Going to lose some fitness. I think there's a method to that madness. Saturday and Sunday are races in MO. We leave Friday afternoon for a good drive to just outside St Louis. Saturday is the Hillsboro Roubaix. I just might be more insane than I thought by signing up for this. But I've decided that I am going to approach like most of this year, it's a learning experience. It will be tough and I will work hard for the 28 miles. I'm so glad that I'm a Cat 4 woman! Everyone else has to do two laps, 56 miles. We're also looking at a crit on Sunday. It will be my first. At last check there was only one woman registered. That will change. Seems to be the way it's done, everyone waits til the last minute to sign up.

Monday will be a vacation day. I'm sure this old body will require some extra time in the bed after two days of racing.

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