10 December, 2014

Riding Dream

Rarely do I remember my dreams. Sometimes I wonder if I dream at all. Just now as I get ready for work I remember this wonderful albeit short snippit of dream. I'm not sure where I was, but there were others around. I was at the top of this staggered stepped descent that wound downward for at least a half mile it seemed. I cleared every step, turning and twisting and sitting back with the dropper down from one step to the other. There was no fear, people were encouraging. At the bottom I thought I was done, but someone said one more  and it wasn't much of a step but an angled gap. I said and thought I couldn't clear it. I don't know if I did or not. My memory ends there. But in the dream I do remember I was so happy and elated. Finally accomplished something I fear. I felt like Danny Macaskill, well not really but sortof. crazy old woman

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Lindsay Hall said...

I also have the occasional dream where my riding skills greatly surpass what they are in real life. It's weird because it feels so natural at while I'm doing it in the dream.