21 July, 2014

Mental note

More to come later if I have time, but right now I feel the need to say this. People have a right to their opinion. People can think whatever they want about anything, even me.

Tonight I got the feeling people have been discussing my bicycle riding, etc. It's really none of my business what people think of me. However, when someone makes a comment about I could die or break my back in five places as an offhand comment to me I must take note.

I ride mountain bikes. I fall down. I get up and finish riding. Only once have I not been able to get back on my mtb after a fall. 

This past weekend I attended a Women's Downhill MTB skills clinic. I paid to be taught by women who know how to ride the skills they were teaching. It was a blast. It was scary. I learned more than I've ever learned about mountain biking and myself. I can do so much more than I thought I could. This doesn't mean I'm going to race downhill. This doesn't mean I'm going to ride death drops. But it does mean I'm going to practice what I've learned and I'm going to continue to push myself to do things outside of my comfort zone.

Whose business is it anyway if I get hurt or die doing what I love doing? People that don't spend time with me to understand who I am in the first place seriously need to find other people to concern themselves with.

I'll take some time soon to write a more joyous entry about this past weekend at Snowshoe.It seriously was a BLAST!!!!!!!

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