27 March, 2013

MTB racing is tough and fun

and is full of spills for people with lack of skills like me. Falling down is part of it. Doesn't mean I like to fall. I don't. It hurts! I found bruises Tuesday and today from Sunday's race. I landed on my left shoulder two different times. It's taken several falls in the last few years and talks to me louder each time. Sunday evening we stopped at Cracker Barrel to eat. Halfway through dinner my left hamstring cramped from my glute to my achilles. I jumped out of my chair and walked to the other room. Thought I might've yelled, but was told I didn't and didn't scare the people around us. 

Today I visited my holistic shaman. She works miracles on my body after hard training or races.  45 minutes in the infrared sauna and hour on the massage table and I'm as good as I can get at this age.

I'm not fast like I want. Doubt I'll ever beat the 30 somethings I race against. Have a big birthday this year and try to remember my body is much older than my mind.  :) Just because I think I'm Peter Pan doesn't mean the body can live up to the task.

It's important to play, and laugh and have fun No Matter How Old we are. 

So I have lots of room for improvement and need to train harder. It's almost April and temps will rise and laps times will get faster hopefully.

Enjoy the full moon tonight


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