25 December, 2011

Christmas 2011

Best Christmas in a while. Both of my girls, my sis and bro, Mom, nieces and nephews among a few other special people came to my house on this beautiful day. The sun shone increasing vitamin D production.

I cooked Saturday evening and Sunday until serving time around 12:30 ish. Ham, rib-eyes, smoked salmon/sour cream/minced scallions/on tortilla appetizer, vegan fudge, vegan brownies, butternut squash soup, green beans, broccoli casserole (not vegan), lumpy mashed potatoes, fresh veggies,fruit bowl, sweet potato hummus, naan, assorted olives, brie, crescent rolls, salsa and chips, assorted chocolates and nuts. Pots of coffee, soft drinks and iced tea. 

Seems like ages since we've all been together. This is what holidays should be about. I am very blessed and so full of gratitude that it all came together so perfectly. 

I worried  a bit about not having a tree or piles of wrapped presents. But in the end those things weren't missed. Hugs and conversations and catching up was the best present this crazy woman could ever hope for.

My sincere wish is that everyone could have such a fantastic day as I.

Peace, Love and Joy to all



Allison said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful. I love black eyed peas. Do you make them with hog jowls for New Years day? Kidding, just kidding. I'm from Alabama. Allegedly they brings luck for the year. Anyhoo, glad you had a great Christmas.

Allison said...

Bring! Bring luck! I'm on the netbook and the print is so small I can't see the typos.

Sherri said...

black-eyed peas, yes but no meat for seasoning - old tradition, but I love those any time of year