10 May, 2011


So much time has passed. And I've not posted much at all.

Today was a full day at work. Then I had one of the best solo rides in a while. Intervals, 3 x 10 minutes with recovery in between. I rode to Utica. Beat the TNWs as they moved to that route for tonight as well. I had good power, felt great other than some aches and pressure points. Finally I feel like training is coming together.

I got home, took a hot bath and saw that Bob Schneider was at a local bar, Phoenix Hill.  I was so tired, but I like his tunes. So I went to see him. All by myself. Had a fun evening. Stood too much. Finally found a stool and swayed to the music.

This being solo is getting a little easier. A little. Still I long to share moments with another

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